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A Lil' History

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Where and when were we founded:

Rough Riders Horsemen Association (RRHA) was formed over 20 years ago by a group of friends that all boarded at a farm together in Clinton, MD., they became organized 15 years ago and became a not for profit organization.

Club colors:

Navy Blue, White & Grey

What is our mission as a club?

“Spreading Love, Education & Enjoyment of Horses Everywhere We Ride”

What was the inspiration behind  forming the club?

To make a statement and show that the black cowboys and cowgirls are still going strong. Not enough people even know that we are out here and in large numbers. We love to spread the love and joy of horsemanship wherever we can.

How was the club formed?

It was started when a group of friends all boarding at the same farm started calling themselves Piscataway Rough Riders…named after Piscataway Farm…after a while they dropped Piscataway and just kept Rough Riders! We became organized (by-laws & Dues) about 16 years ago.

How does one join?

To join you must be sponsored in by a RRHA Member and it is voted on.

A little about our first charity event:

The club was contacted by a person who ran a summer camp for kids in inner city Conn. As a road trip they came in 2 coach buses to a Patauxant Park in MD. When the kids ran off the bus I remember hearing several of them saying “Wow, look at all this grass!”, and they took off running! We gave them a day of horseback rides, riding presentations, black cowboy education, games, good food and just plain old fun. I am sure it’s a day they still remember with a  smile! From then on it has always been about giving back to the children! Why is it so important to give back? Growing up so many children don’t know about black cowboys and cowgirls… We like to show the kids that we are out here and you can do anything you put your mind to… Sharing our love for horses and helping put a smile on a child’s face is a blessing to us all.


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